About Us

Hien Lam Upholstery first opened for business in the Houston area in 1990, the story of Hien Lam Upholstery begins in the 1970s in Vietnam, when a carpenter, Hien, and a tailor, Hong, fell in love and started a family.  Living and raising a family in a war-stricken village on the border of Cambodia and Vietnam in the late 1970s, Hien and Hong made the decision that their family would leave the country in search of a better life.  It took many weeks traveling through the mine filled jungles of South East Asia for the Lam family to travel across the border into Thailand where they sought refuge.  The Lam family then waited for two years in Thailand before they would be sponsored to come to America. In 1983, Hien and Hong Lam and their family finally arrived in Houston, Texas and soon there after, Hien continued his work as a carpenter in the antique furniture business.

In 1990, the Lam family opened their first shop in their own name, Hien Lam Upholstery. Though the work shop was only 3000 square feet, the quality and design that came from Hien Lam Upholstery has given the company a reputable name in the industry.  Specializing in custom, antique reproduction furniture, upholstery and re-upholstery, as well as custom home décor textiles such as slip covers, draperies, and bedding, Hien Lam Upholstery has expanded their business, but is still family owned and operated.  In fact, all those who work at Hien Lam Upholstery are part of the Lam family.  Their shared passion for high quality work has allowed them to open a new, 32,000 square foot workshop in Montrose where they now operate from.

High Quality Furniture and Customer Service

We at Hien Lam Upholstery pride ourselves on the quality of our work and products as well as the customer service we provide. We pay close attention to every detail presented to us, and always put our customers’ satisfaction first. If for some reason you receive a piece of furniture that doesn’t feel right, or have any other issue with our work, we’ll make any adjustments necessary until you’re completely satisfied. We also have a very quick turn- around time—it only takes 10 days- 2 weeks to have your final product in hand.